Solar-X heat-reflective automobile glass is infrared reflecting-coating laminated glass. This product is formed when the surface of high-quality semi-finished clear float glass is plated with many layers of metallic oxides through vacuum magnetron and cathode sputtering method before it is subject to hot bending and lamination. 

Advantage of Solar-X Heat-Reflective Automobile Glass
Compared with traditional automobile glass, Solar-X heat-reflective automobile glass enjoys a number of excellent properties. 

  • - Outstanding heat resistance
    - Excellent transmittance
    - Good solar control function
    - Beautiful apparent color
    - Good strength and durability
    - Compliance with standards on spectrally selective glass

Laminated front windshield for automobiles is a kind of compound glass formed when tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer is inserted between pieces of glasses and then processed under high temperature and pressure. It has high mechanical strength and is transparent, resistant to light, heat and coldness. 


  • - Excellent Safety Performance
    - Sound Insulation
    - Anti-ultraviolet Radiation
    - Quality Standard

For tempered glass for automobiles, glass is heated until its temperature gets near the softening point and then cooled quickly to get the surface of glass to produce prestress layer on the surface of glass and produce tensile stress inside it, so as to improve the strength of glass. 

We can supply tempered glass with different thickness such as 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm for automobile side doors, side windows, rear windows, etc. 


  • - Safety
    - High Mechanical Strength
    - Thermal Stability

Quality Standard
National standard of GB9656-2003 “Automobile Safety Glass”
China 3C
European Union ECE R43

Auto glass with heating line is a kind of glass on which electrified and heating line is printed with silver paste. This product is widely used in rear window glass and side windows of automobiles. 

When the heating wire is electrified, the temperature on the surface of the glass can rapidly increase to 40 degree c to 75 degree c. In cold winter, frost and fog on the surface of glass can be removed. Besides, the product has the receiving functions of antennae such as GPS, TV, HCD, FM and AM.

Quality Standard

National standard of GB9656-2003 “Automobile Safety Glass”
China 3C
European Union ECE R43

Insulating glass is made up of two or more pieces of glass separated apart evenly and sealed around the edge. The space among every two pieces of glass is filled with dry air. 


Thermal property
It has low U value (coefficient of heat transfer) and can achieve better effects after inert gas is filled;
Optical property: It can very flexibly select different solar transmittivity and reflectivity.

Sound insulating property: Insulating glass normally can reduce noise of 30decibels. When inert gas is filled, it can reduce about 5 more decibels.

Anti-condensation property: The dew point of this product is below -65 degree C, lower than -40 degree C, the dew point of insulating glass prescribed by the country, to ensure the insulating glass does not condensate.

One-step forming of aluminum frame (spacing frame) and dual seal of butyl rubber and structural adhesive or polysulfide rubber ensures the tightness of insulating glass as well as prolongs the service life of insulating glass.

The product specification
Processing thickness: 12mm – 52mm
Glass spacing: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15m

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